As education sector is undergoing a major digital transformation in its operations due to Covid-19, onlin education becomes th new normal now. To enhance online learning experience, Alyss Edusolutions has come up with three dimensional (3D) animation in virtual classes.

According to them this new initiative is to make learning more captivating and help students maintain a good attention span during online classes.

The purpose is to offer quality education while enhancing the learning experience of students and making topics much more perceptible.

Introducing 3D technology in teaching methods is to offer students a more inclusive and comfortable way to learn the concepts during this pandemic and beyond,Dr. Chunduri Ram Mohan, founder, Alyss Edusolutions, said.

He also added that Alyss envisioned the need for virtual labs 5 years before and developed virtual labs on few science concepts. Virtual lab experience enhances the understanding of various science concepts by students and becomes almost mandatory for online classes.

“Alyss video content is developed on native 3D platform; this not only enhances the quality of visual experience but also becomes compatible with Google VR for future-readiness,” the institute said in a statement.

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