Bangalore-based Masai School has come up with part-time full-stack developer program for students and working professionals.

According to the institute, the course will cover the latest web development technologies that help one to crack a career as full stack developer.  Those who are interested in the course can join it on the website of Masai School.

There will be two hackathons, 10 projects and five Mock interviews

The 30-week course is a comprehensive one with 600 hours dedicated to coding, 30 hours for Soft Skills, and 60 hours for building logical abilities, Masai School said in a statement.

There will be two hackathons, 10 projects and five Mock interviews.

“Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for developers for digital transformation is higher than ever. Young professionals need to be trained in industry-relevant skills. We are keen on empowering them with skills that industry demands,” Prateek Shukla, co-founder and CEO, Masai School, said.

Started in June 2019, Masai School plans to graduate 2000 students in the coming months, according to the management.  

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