From leaving the black-boards behind and holding the android screen, the modern lifestyle of teaching has been preached and adopted by almost every educational institutes all over the world in this pandemic.

Now, classes are held online, evaluations are done through an online portal, and assignments are sent through email. For a nation like India, this is a great possibility to fortify internet connectivity throughout rural areas. This situation led to the recognition of areas where data connectivity (Network) was still a “water in the desert” scene.

Every village and city in India should be digitally linked to the higher interplay among scholars and teachers. We can take the example of pre-school students, nowadays we see children of small age using mobile phones very nicely. They know how to watch the next video just by a swipe.  They are open to learning new technological advancements.  So it is better for them if we provide learning on their fingertips.

Approaches like integrated learning and experiential studying, with the extra implementation of technology, will strengthen the fate of education in schools

A worldwide consciousness has been sparked during this COVID-19 pandemic, that our cutting-edge manner of lifestyles does now no longer work. It has damaged our belief of what’s regular and deconstructed society as we recognize it.

Now the focus has arrived on the utmost sector that is our education system. The outcomes of the coronavirus and thereby its preventive measures, has upended the existence of scholars, parents, and teachers.

The clean disruption in the ‘normal’ functioning of learning has positioned an emphasis on many questions, which have been formerly requested and sooner or later left unanswered. So, what ought to the contemporary consequences of this worldwide pandemic imply for the fate of education?

This viable scope for the evolution of schools, post corona virus:

A change in the purpose of learning

Attention has been drawn on the content which was still intact. The pattern of learning and the way curriculum are taught may change. Parameters that had been as soon as taken into consideration essential to schooling can be revised to in large part accommodate the existing abilities of the future.

Not simply careers, however, denizens of the future as properly would require capabilities like resilience, adaptability, collaboration, communication, empathy, creativity, and emotional intelligence. Learning in organizations will have a brand-new purpose, and it will likely be having a primary deviation from the information-targeted schooling of today.

The utilization of innovative methods of education

This challenging situation offered various paths to opportunities like online platforms for imparting education and a better understanding through presentations. Apart from the impede faced due to the novel corona virus, learning in our growing global has skilled a few important changes. Yet, even with inside the face of speedy innovation, we have yet to shift the manner wherein we impart education.

Learning is the accession of knowledge; however, it doesn’t need to entirely arise thru age-vintage techniques that don’t make use of the very best ability of the brain. Instead of being taught, can students be delivered an experience that impacts their learning?

Approaches like integrated learning and experiential studying, with the extra implementation of technology, will strengthen the fate of education in schools.

A tighter relationship with technology

During the time of a incapacitate pandemic, technology has emerged as the main lifesaver. Now it’s totally clear to those people who always disbelieved in the essence of science and technology. Communication is a primary key to our interconnected life and technology is the driving force that continues our connections.

For education, this means growing content material and transport structures that harness and make use of era to its fullest. Perhaps, learning can also additionally come to be extra bendy and accessible, relinquishing its over-reliance on inflexible systems that we presently contemplate necessary. Additionally, these new generations of school students are of era Z and alpha.

They are generations that are described through their use of technology; it has to turn out to be an extension in their recognition and that they do now no longer understand life without it. The future of schooling will locate no room to disregard the usage of technology since it may very well be the foremost platform to empower studying in an age that is integrating technology as a manner of life.

These generations ought to have an effect on the advancement of education, as they themselves are those majorly impacted via way of means of the pandemic and are with inside the satisfactory place to examine and develop from it.

A focus on bigger issues

The main question of the hour is here how are we going to ignore the fact that during this pandemic our whole lifestyle has changed. How can we ask students to move again to a manner of lifestyle that compromises their physiological, emotional, and mental health? Will we nonetheless ask students to get up to catch school at a time when their brains aren’t definitely active?

Will we educate students approximately shielding the environment whilst asking them to sit in buses that mobile through traffic and give away a massive carbon footprint? The global ought to require a special recognition the next day than it does today.

Perhaps, education post-COVID- 19 will include learning’s from science & technology and emphasize an extra awareness on problems that endanger our health, society, existence, and earth.

Moreover, it will also introduce life learning skills which we learned during this time.

We have to count on the adaptability of the future as we seek into a glimpse of the light of hope

COVID-19 may have been the catalysis for a revamp that has been long pending. What we will witness in the aftermath of this global health crisis may very likely be the adoption of procedures that were sought in it.

Although, today what we see around us is totally changed and bringing back to its previous stable state might be a tedious task. But all that matters is how we are going to overcome this situation and strengthen our back. We have to count on the adaptability of the future as we seek into a glimpse of the light of hope.

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