The Most Accurate Plagiarism Checker-Smallseotools!

The plagiarism checker tool by the smallseotools is known to be the best tool on the web, and this is because of many reasons that we are going to talk about in this four-minute article! We want you guys to know that this article is all about the details of the most advanced and accurate tool on the web and if you are looking for a tool and a solution to get your rid of plagiarism in your content then you are surely in the right place, and we will recommend you to read this content till the very end!

The use of the plagiarism checker tool by the smallseotools is very much easy and to learn how to use the tool you just have to open it up and go through it once! The interface of the tool is very easy to understand and is a self-explanatory tool that can teach you how to use it by yourself even if it is your first time with the tool! You just need a valid internet connection and a basic understanding of the internet and the language! Click on this link, and you will experience the most exciting experience you can ever imagine!

Features of Plagiarism checker software tool by the smallseotools!

The features of the online plagiarism checker software tool by SST are also far more advanced and interesting than any other tool of the same league, and that is why we have listed some of the best features of the tool below for you guys! You should read them so that you can utilize the tool in a better way!

Huge database!

Now first you should know that the most important thing in an accurate plagiarism tool is its database and the vaster and more updated the database of the tool would be the more will be the chances of it detecting plagiarism. Now, this tool is simply famous for having the most advanced and huge database. The database of the tool is spread over billions of webpages with which your content is compared with!

Automatic rewriting feature of the tool!

Now if your content is detected of having plagiarism then there is no need to panic even if you are the edge of your deadline as the plagiarism checker software tool by smallseotools has the best automatic rewriting features that can help you in rephrasing the content which is said to be having duplication. You just have to click on the rewriting feature, and the tool will take a few seconds to remove plagiarism from your article! This is one of the unique features in this league of tools, and many people love the plagiarism tool by smallseotools because of this feature!

Multiple methods of upload!

Now when you are in the process of input of text you must know that this tool is capable of providing you more than one way in which you can enter text in the tool, you can simply type the content, you can upload the document, you can upload documents directly from Dropbox and Google drive, and the best part is that you don’t have to worry about the formats of the document! The tool can accept multiple formats of docs!

URL integrations!

Now you must never hear of this feature, but you should know that this is one of the most important features that you will find in any plagiarism tool on the web! With the help, if this software tool you can easily specify the domain address of the websites that you don’t want to compare your content with, moreover you can also check the content with the help of the URL of websites!

Reporting feature!

Now, this anti-plagiarism checker tool has the best reporting feature. The tool issues a complete plagiarism report in which you can get to know about the exact percentage of duplication in phrases and can also get to know about the exact sources of plagiarism in content! We want you guys to know that you can easily rewrite the plagiarized content because it is highlighted in red colour, you can share this report with the higher authorities along with your document for authentication, and you can download the report in PDF format!

Multi-lingual understanding!

The tool understands multiple languages, and it is said that the plagiarism checker software tool by smallseotools speaks the language that you know best and so if you have any document having foreign language in it then you must use this tool to detect duplication in it!

Comparing the documents!

This tool also offers you a one-click comparison feature, and you should know that with this feature, you can easily compare multiple documents and assignments for duplication!

Word press Plugin!

This plagiarism checker software can also work online while you are writing content as it has WordPress plugins with it!

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