Praveena Prathapachandran and Deepa Seira

Here is a ‘Unique’ training centre that helps you crack medical licensing exams

Does the very thought of clearing medical licensing exam abroad bring shivers down your spine? Despite of preparing well, are you still striving to get that green signal to practice medicine abroad?  If yes, here are two insightful women who will give you unerring guidance to realize your dreams.

Deepa Seira and Praveena Prathapachandran are on a mission to bring smiles to numerous aspiring students through their brainchild organization Unique Mentors, based in Kochi.

The training centre paves way the way for clearing licensing exams for all medical streams in various countries, including the UAE, US, Canada and the UK.

In a world where gender bias and preconceived notions on gender domination still prevail, standing strong and striving hard to fulfil one’s dream seem to be something that not every woman would dare to. But, Deepa and Praveena knew what they want and how to make it happen. Destiny ushered them together, and their friendship opened possible avenues for medical students to practice their profession abroad.

The U turn

Deepa has been passionate about teaching since she completed her studies. Deepa, a postgraduate in Physiotherapy, had to resign her job to take care of her little ones. The break in her career started bothering her, and she decided to think about some alternative ways to restart her profession as a teacher.

This happened when she was offered a job at a training centre that provided coaching for students preparing for medical licensing exams. In no time, Deepa turned out to be one of the best tutors to help medical students crack the licensing exam abroad.

On Jan 5, 2015 Unique Mentors kick-started their training classes with just two students

Meanwhile, Praveena a Microbiologist outshined as a good tutor in the centre too. Later, due to some internal issues in the centre they both decided to quit. After many brainstorming sessions, they concluded to start an accredited Medical licensing training centre. Initially though they weren’t sure about the whole procedures, later they mastered it with the help of a colleague.

Humble Beginning

On Jan 5, 2015 Unique Mentors kick-started their training classes with just two students. Deepa and Praveena were determined that they wouldn’t ever compromise on the quality. They both eagerly waited to see their venture grow step by step. Profits were never their priority. With well-researched syllabus, mock tests, question banks, their first batch of students came out with flying colours. Students are intensely trained to crack various exams conducted by the UAE government and other countries. Their students performed well in some of the exams conducted by Dubai Health Authority, Abu Dhabi Health Authority (HAAD) and UAE Ministry of Health (MOH).

From Kochi to Kashmir

Initially Unique Mentors started with medical licensing programme; but gradually they started venturing into other subjects too. The training centre started dentistry when they got a query from Kashmir. This was when they realized that in other parts of India, there is hardly any training centres that help students prepare for medical licensing exams.

With a faculty of well-trained medical professionals, Unique Mentors is guiding students nationwide to begin their career abroad

Thus, Unique Mentors tried to reach out to students via proper marketing channels and helped many to make a living abroad. “Though we initially focused on Physiotherapy, Microbiology and Dentistry, later we have also started training General Medicine, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Pharmacology, Lab technician, and Nursing streams…,” said Praveena. With a faculty of well-trained medical professionals, Unique Mentors is guiding students nationwide to begin their career abroad.

Why Unique Mentors

You might be a bright student in class. You might have topped your exam. But, these criteria aren’t enough for medical professionals to get a job abroad. Each one of you should get through the Medical licensing exam. This is when training centres like Unique Mentors makes a difference. With a good syllabus, systematic classes, mock tests, student friendly soft wares, and experienced faculty, Unique Mentors set a benchmark in medical licensing field. “We not only help students prepare for exams but we guide them in completing every procedure that comes up with the course. Data Flow, Credentials we take care of every minute detail related to the course,” said Deepa.

Starting with one month duration courses to long term ones, Unique Mentors also provides hostel facilities for students.

The Pandemic times

When the Covid-19 pandemic brought world economy to standstill, it hardly affected the functioning of the training centres. Unique Mentors could continue with online classes and make their students all ready for upcoming medical licensing exams. “We weren’t too much affected by the pandemic, we planned and executed our classes online, and no student and faculty member has to face any problems regarding the course till date,” said Deepa.

Future Plans

Today, Unique Mentors help students crack medical licensing exams in the UAE, US, UK and Canada. “As of now, we haven’t started handling data flow process for UK and Canada but we will be starting it soon. We are also planning to start providing language training courses likes IELTS and OET,” added Deepa and Praveena.

Friendship goals = Business goals

Two friends taking up a challenge and striving hard to achieve a goal is what makes them unique. Adhering to systematic management policies, Deepa takes sole responsibility for all the academic activities in the centre and Praveena takes charge of the finance wing.

“Owning, running and growing a company is a herculean task, you need to put your heart and soul into it, we haven’t seen this organization as a money minting centre. We believe that if we are true to whatever we do in life then success will naturally follow, said Deepa and Praveena

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